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  • Robert Weed

Filing Bankruptcy Got Rod a Clearance and Promotion

Rod called me in a panic. He was stationed in base in the Midwest and couldn't get orders for a new assignment in DC area.

Why? Dings on his credit were affecting his clearance.

Rod had a car repossessed and now could not get orders for his new assignment. He'd rented a place and sent his family ahead. But now he was stuck.

Rod's chain of command really wanted him. So they told him, file bankruptcy right away and everything will be ok.

We got right on it and had his bankruptcy papers ready and sent to court in less than a week.

I told Rod we could arrange for a call-in for his bankruptcy hearing if he couldn't be in Alexandria a month later. No need. Rod told him his clearance was approved within three days of the bankruptcy being filed. And he reported for work at his new assignment less than two weeks after.

Are you one of the people who believes filing bankruptcy means you can't get a security clearance? For some people it's the only way to get--or keep--their clearance.

PS I don't know exactly what Rod does but his chain of command obviously really wanted him in that new job. I have never seen a clearance problem fixed in just three days, like it was for Rod. In nearly all cases, there will be some inquiry into what caused the financial difficulty. They want to make sure your bankruptcy is not due to a drug or gambling problem, or soemthing that's still going on.

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